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Florida is all about exploration and expansion to outer space, there is a couple of steps before you can expand to this wonderful land.

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"MES" (Main Engine Start) Project

If a Spacecraft wants to make it to space, it needs to go through "MES," we apply the same concept to business if you're going to start without risking anything, this is the project for you


Go Membership +

  • Expo Promotion

  • Direct Promotion with Investors

  • Landing Page

  • Targeted Social Media

  • Planning Meetings

  • Research Plan

Centaur Stage Project

The term centaur is used in aerospace to describe the last stage of a spaceship. At this stage, the rocket is set to maneuver by itself, in this plan we do the same thing to your business and help you set your business up in Florida, with this plan we will apply T8 to your company. T8 is an 8 step plan that will successfully complete your expansion to Florida    


" MES " Project +

  • T8

  • Promotion with Investors

  • Follow up Meetings

  • Monthly Reports

  • More


Steps for an International Strategic Plan to deploy your Business in Florida