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Our company commits to your success in the outsourcing of your manufacturing operations, through a quick, easy and cost-effective solution. We fully assist you in search of outsourcing companies, operations set-up, quality system development and so on until you receive the first production parts. We operate at the border of US – Mexico which offers easy and secure access for distribution into the US market either by rail, road, and air.

Development of outsourcing manufacturing projects

Our team finds the best manufacturing options in the region to your outsourcing manufacturing projects for assemblies in electronics, wiring harness, machining, molding, and so on.

We support you all the way through to set your operations with the subcontracting Company of your choice, serving as your liaison and consultant for business performance audits for the best decision and for further follow up in the Quality Systems, Continuous Improvement in Operations & Suppliers.

Complete outsource service

We offer a complete solution for your outsourcing manufacturing project. We go from the revision of blueprints or samples to set the manufacturing process steps under Lean principles and international quality standards until your products are delivered.

Our team has the expertise, among others, in:

  • Engineering development using AIAG Standards (APQP, CP, PFMEA, MSA, SPC & PPAP)

  • Operations under Lean Manufacturing (5S, VSM, 8 Wastes, Pull system, SMED, Continuous Flow)

  • Quality Control & Systems (IATF standards)

  • Supply Chain, Logistic and Customs

  • Accounting

  • Materials Procurement


These capabilities and our hands-on experience allow us to run an efficient world-class operation at low-cost labor and fast delivery. Under our oversees, constant communication and Customer-focus approach the operation will be worry-free for you.

Special outsourcing projects

Relocation or brand-new operation

We assist you in the planning and execution of this type of projects in partnership with a local Company. We assemble a very knowledgeable team to guarantee the success of the project, which includes: the search of real estate & construction services or ready to use facilities; Government permits, and utilities, likewise, the development and implementation of the manufacturing process, quality system development & certification, logistics channels, and distribution. We Provide staffing according to your requirements to oversee your entire operation.

Benefits of outsourcing at the US and Mexico border:

  • World-class quality performance (automotive & aerospace industry level)
  • Low-cost labor environment (50% less or more than China)

  • Shortest proximity to the US market (alongside Mexico- US border)

  • Few hours to cross products through the border (several commercial entry ports)

  • Less in transit inventory vs. overseas counterparts (cut weeks of inventory in the ocean)

  • Mass and fast transportation infrastructure (road, train & air)

  • Preferential tariff on productive materials & equipment (USMCA agreement)

  • Quality system capabilities under international standards (IATF / AS)

  • Highly educated and bilingual talent availability